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Monday, July 16th, 2018

News & Coming Events


12 July:  Thursday, 5:00 PM Cameo Theater Film Night followed by
                  dinner at Tra Vigne Pizzeria  Won't You Be my Neighbor?
documentary about  Mr. Rogers

13 July:   Friday, 6:00 PM Family Film Night here at SHUMC
                  Bring your dinners, if you like. popcorn & lemonade provided
                  The Adventures of Milo and Otis

                   Bring friends!

23 July:     Monday, 10:00 AM Men's Group

24 July:      Tuesday, 1:00 PM Vintage Group

25 July:      Wednesday, 6:00 PM  Comedy Movie Night
                      Shaun of the Dead (2004) set in London w/ zombies

30 July:     Monday through 3 August, Friday--Pastor Burke at Spiritual 
                    Formation Class in Danville

30 July:      Monday, Men's Group no meeting

31 July:        Tuesday, Vintage Group no meeting

Month of August:  both Men's Group and Vintage Group are taking the
                                   the month of August off
                                    Mature Vines Small Group will meet, date T.B.A.

11 September:          Tuesday,  5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                            Shari Bluband, chair

13 November:           Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                           Shari Bluband, chair

11 December:             Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Committee Meeting,
                                                                                             Shari Bluband, chair

8 January, 2019:        Tuesday, 5:00 PM Finance Commitee Meeting











Wherever you are in the exploration of your faith,
we will walk with you

The United Methodist Church
of Saint Helena

1310 Adams St.
St. Helena  CA  94574



any questions?  Call Susan, office administrator, at 963-2839











Tune in again for further events!





















 ~ St Helena United Methodist Church
St Helena, California, USA