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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Worship at St. Helena United Methodist Church

 Sunday Worship

August 8, 2021 

Eleventh Sunday in Pentecost


Wherever we are in our spiritual journey,we intend to come into closer relationship with God and with each other. God's presence awakens our hearts, and informs our lives, so that we are grounded by divine grace.

Our church is a place where we practice living in faith, supporting each other so that with time we become the beloved community. 

For when we awaken our soul, God is brought into the world. 


August 8, 2021

Sunday Worship


Eleventh Sunday in Pentecost Worship




Musicians - Elle Wheeler






Passing the peace

Contemplative prayer -  Submission 

__William Cowper 


Call to worship - 

We stand in this holy place.

      We seek the face of God.

We bow our hearts before our Maker, in the miracle of God’s grace.
      Through this worship, may we be strengthened in              our souls
      With compassion through the Holy Spirit;
And may Christ dwell in our hearts through faith.

      Let us be rooted and grounded in love—
The love of Christ that is so broad,

      So long,
So high,

      So deep
That it surpasses knowledge.

      We come to worship this morning

      That we be filled to the measure with all the fullness        of God.




Singing - Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah, #127, verses 1-3

1. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah,
pilgrim through this barren land.
I am weak, but thou art mighty;
hold me with thy powerful hand.

Bread of heaven, bread of heaven,
feed me till I want no more;
feed me till I want no more.

2. Open now the crystal fountain,
whence the healing stream doth flow;
let the fire and cloudy pillar
lead me all my journey through.
Strong deliverer, strong deliverer,
be thou still my strength and shield;
be thou still my strength and shield.

3. When I tread the verge of Jordan,
bid my anxious fears subside;
death of death and hell's destruction,
land me safe on Canaan's side.
Songs of praises, songs of praises,
I will ever give to thee;
I will ever give to thee.


 Unity prayer - 

Creator God,

in praise and adoration our spirits dance before you today.

You have created this wondrous universe

and all the magnificent things within it.

You have blessed us with so much throughout our lives,

even to this day of praise and thanksgiving.

Let our spirits soar!

Let our hearts sing boldly of your wondrous love.

We celebrate your love and presence with us,

and it is with the blessing of Jesus, our friend and guide,

that we offer this prayer. Amen.


Reading Daniel 3

For the word of God in scripture

For the word of God among us

For the word of God within us

All- Thanks be to God.



 Special Music 


 Reading - Daniel 9

For the word of God in scripture

For the word of God among us

For the word of God within us

All- Thanks be to God.


Special Music 


 Sermon -  Prophets: Daniel


Time of prayer


 Joys and Concerns

Pastor’s prayer

Lord’s prayer





Holy Communion


Singing - One Bread, One Body, #620, verses 1-3


One bread, one body, one Lord of all;
one cup of blessing which we bless,
and we, though many throughout the earth,
we are one body in this one Lord.

1 Gentile or Jew, servant or free,
woman or man, no more. 


2 Many the gifts, many the works,
one in the Lord of all. 


3 Grain for the fields, scattered and grown,
gathered to one for all. 








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